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What stock exchange is CSW Industrials listed on?

CSW Industrials is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol “CSWI.”

Do CSWI’s shares pay a dividend?

CSWI commenced a regular quarterly dividend program in April 2019. While CSWI currently intends to pay regular quarterly cash dividends for the foreseeable future, any dividends will be reviewed and declared by the Board of Directors in its discretion. Please refer to the Investor News section of the investor relations site for more information regarding the dividend program, including the quarterly dividend rate and payment dates.

How can I get CSWI’s financial documents?

CSWI’s financial documents can be found in the SEC sectior of the IR site under “Financial Information” or at the SEC’s website,

Where is CSWI’s headquarters located?

5420 Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway, Suite 500
Dallas, TX 75240

Who is the transfer agent for CSWI common stock?

American Stock Transfer and Trust Company is the transfer agent for CSWI common stock.
American Stock Transfer and Trust Company
59 Maiden Lane, Plaza Level
New York, NY 10038

What information is available about the inception of CSWI?

Please see the Information Statement available here.

Where can I get more information?

After the Share Distribution, if you have any questions relating to CSWI, you should contact us at:

Adrianne Griffin
(214) 489-7113